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Airtable + SQL: Querying Airtable with DataStation

Requires DataStation 0.8.0+.

Database initialization [Optional]

If you want to follow along with this tutorial verbatim, create a new base in Airtable and enter some basic data.

New Airtable base

Airtable API token

If you don't already have an Airtable API token, go to, generate and save it.

Generate Airtable API token

Data source setup

Now inside DataStation create a new data source in the left sidebar.

Creating a new data source

Give it a nice name so you can easily find it later. And select Airtable in the Vendor dropdown.

Creating a Airtable data source

Then enter your Airtable API token.

Filled out Airtable data source

Panel setup

Now create a new panel and select the Database type. You can fill in Base ID, Table ID, and View ID manually or you can just paste your Airtable URL into the Base ID column and it will fill out the rest.

Create database panel

Run a query

When querying Airtable you can leave the filter blank to select all rows or you can use Airtable's filter language to fetch only a subset of rows in a table.

Run Airtable query

SQL query on top

Now that the data is loaded in DataStation we can use DataStation's scripting abilities to run a program using the Airtable data. We'll run a SQL program that counts the number of applied applicants.

Create a new Code panel, select SQL as the language, enter this query and hit run.

SELECT "Notes", COUNT(1) n FROM DM_getPanel(0) GROUP BY "NOTES"

SQL on top of Airtable

From here you can generate graphs, do more analysis, or export results to a file or HTTP server.

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