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HTTP Panels

HTTP panels allow you to make API requests. You can make GET, POST, PUT, HEAD, or DELETE requests.

Basic http panel


When DataStation understands the file format (because it recognized the URL's file extension or the HTTP response's Content-Type or because you overrode the response content type) it will try to put data in array of objects format.

The exceptions to this are JSON responses (they can be any structure) and when you override the content type to be plain text.


The URL, headers, and HTTP body in an HTTP panel can include macros. This allows you to, for example, POST the results of one panel to a web server.

Post macro

Read more about macros here.

Supported file formats

HTTP panels can handle all the same file formats that file panels can.

With Server

If you define an SSH connection you will be able to select the server to proxy your HTTP request through an SSH tunnel.

For example, this screenshot demonstrates querying localhost:8080 on the remote server.

Basic http panel with proxy

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