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DataStation is an open-source data IDE for developers. It allows you to easily build graphs and tables with data pulled from SQL databases, logging databases, metrics databases, HTTP servers, and all kinds of text and binary files. Need to join or munge data? Write embedded scripts as needed in Python, JavaScript, Ruby, R, or Julia. All in one application.

DataStation 0.1.0 Release Notes

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Check out this video walking through using DataStation to find top referring domains out of this site's nginx access logs. Or, read on to learn more about the new features in this release.

Query Snowflake, Clickhouse, and Oracle databases

In addition to existig support for SQLite, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, and MySQL compatible databases; you can now also query Oracle, Snowflake, and Clickhouse databases. Snowflake support Oracle support

Filter, group, sort, and limit without code using the new Visual Transform panel

Having code panels to facilitate all kinds of data transformations is awesome. But for the simple tasks, setting up the code is a hasle. The Visual Transform panel allows you to click to filter, group, sort, and limit against another panel. This makes it even faster to get basic projects set up. Visual Transform results without code

Since Visual Transform panels are panels like any other, you can stack Visual Transform panels or read them from Code panels and so on.

Encrypted credentials

This release now automatically generates a signing key on install. It is unique to your computer. It is used to encrypt and decrypt database and SSH passwords as needed. Under the hood DataStation uses the TweetNaCL library.

Server mode with openid-connect authentication

One of the most exciting things happening in DataStation right now is the option to run it on a server. Not only does this make it easier to share code and data with other people, it also makes it possible for DataStation to support recurring, scheduled runs and exports of projects.

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