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DataStation is a data IDE for developers. It allows you to easily pull data from SQL, HTTP APIs, and files (CSV, Parquet, Excel, nginx access logs, syslog, etc.); script against these files (in Python, JavaScript, Ruby, R, or Julia); and generate beautiful graphs. All in a single application.

This release adds a number of features, bug fixes, and usability improvements.

Multiple series in bar and pie graphs

You can now graph multiple series in bar charts and create nested pie graphs. Multiple series in bar charts

Panel results stored on exit, recovered on startup

When you run a panel, the results are now stored and recovered when you exit the application and comeback. This is especially useful when dealing with long-running scripts or queries. You don't need to re-run them until you want to.

SQL Server

You can now create SQL Server connectors and run queries against your SQL Server databases. Just like with all other databases you can connect directly to a database or you can connect to one via an SSH proxy. SQL Server support

Guided warnings when dependent panels have not been run

DataStation is built around one panel pulling data from another panel. If a panel references another panel that hasn't been run, a warning will now be shown telling you that the dependent panel has not yet been run. Warning about dependent panel not run

Preview widget improvements

All tabs in the preview area are now syntax highlighted. And you can resize the entire preview area by grabbing the resize handler in the bottom left and dragging it left or right. Syntax highlighting in preview panel

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