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There are three big parts of this release: support for proxying certain panels through an SSH server, support for three new scripting languages, and usability improvements when working with many megabytes of data.

New features

  • You can now proxy SQL and HTTP requests through an SSH server. This makes it more practical to use DataStation to connect to production systems. Read more in the HTTP panel and SQL panel documentation.
  • You can now read remote files by attaching an SSH server to a File panel. This is useful for pulling server logs into DataStation. Read more in the File panel documentation.
  • You can now script in Code panels using Ruby, Julia, and R in addition to Python and JavaScript. Read more in the Code panel documentation.


  • You can now easily load tens of megabytes worth of data in DataStation due to an improved algorithm for showing panel result previews.
  • The Table panel is easier to read due to alternate row coloring and column alignment.
  • The default MySQL port when not specified is correctly set to 3306.
  • Correctly change UI when a panel is being run to show that evaluation is happening.

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