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DataStation The Open-Source Data IDE

Windows and Mac builds available for DataStation, the open-source data IDE

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DataStation is an open-source data IDE for developers. It allows you to easily build graphs and tables with data pulled from SQL databases, logging databases, metrics databases, HTTP servers, and all kinds of text and binary files. Need to join or munge data? Write embedded scripts as needed in Python, JavaScript, Ruby, R, or Julia. All in one application.

Recapping from the first post introducing this project, DataStation is an IDE for manipulating data (from HTTP servers, SQL databases, local files, and so on) via scripting languages and visualizing the result -- all in a single application. Before today the best way to try DataStation out was through the in-browser environment.

Today you can try out DataStation on Mac and Windows. Builds for Linux and non-x86 architectures (ARM, basically) will follow shortly. Importantly, the desktop application gives you full access to querying your SQL databases and making unrestricted HTTP requests. Since the scripting panels use your native Python or Node.js install the error messages on desktop are as useful as you'd expect them to be.

If you'd still prefer to try the application out before installing it, you can still do so via the online environment.

DataStation remains an early-stage alpha. Do not use it for any critical data unless you are backing up the .dsproj files it saves in ~/DataStationProjects/. Bug reports are extremely welcome when accompanied by details for reproduction. Our Discord is open.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you!


A quick getting started guide on DataStation

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